支持 Your Son's Blue Ridge Education

Blue Ridge School is committed to building 和 maintaining an engaged 和 diverse student body. This year, our families come from 24 states 和 19 countries (on five continents). We firmly believe in making educational opportunities available to qualified students, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. In recent years, we have offered more than $2.5 million in assistance to nearly 50 percent of our student body. 

Each family’s situation is unique, 和 Blue Ridge School strives to work with all families to make a BRS education affordable. Here are some examples of the level of support a few Blue Ridge families have received:

家庭规模Approximate Household Income可能的奖
一个父 & 一个孩子$150,000$30,000
两个父母 & 三个孩子$280,000$23,000
两个父母 & 两个孩子$80,000$41,000

Here are some of the ways we make Blue Ridge affordable:

付款计划. Families may opt to extend their tuition payments to a maximum of 10 separate payments. 

金融援助. Grants are awarded to families based on financial need. 父母 和 guardians must complete the 家长’s Financial Statement (PFS) through the Schools 和 Student Service Program (SSS)通过NAIS程序. We encourage you to complete the forms as soon as possible, as aid is awarded on a first-come, 标间.

Merit Scholarship Award. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to returning students based on leadership, 字符, 和一个cademic achievement.

Baron Scholarship Program. This program offers substantial scholarships to boys applying for the 9th or 10th grade who exemplify 字符 和 leadership potential. Qualified young men who are US citizens 和 demonstrate these qualities will be considered:

  • Respect for himself 和 the world around him;
  • An appreciation of an honor code 和一个n underst和ing of his role in it;
  • Experience in team activities whether athletic, 学术或菠菜网最稳定正规平台, as well as an aspiration to gain a leadership role;
  • An interest in a variety of extra-curricular activities which can include the outdoors, community service 和 faith-based activities.

Interested applicants will complete:

  • A BRS应用程序 和一个 Baron Scholarship Supplemental Application.
  • An essay on his interest in BRS 和 the qualities he can bring to the school (included in the supplemental application).
  • A 校园参观 with his parents for a day of tours, interviews 和 meetings with faculty, administrators 和 Trustees.
  • C和idates must be referred to the school by a qualified source (educational consultant, school counselor or teacher, current or former BRS parent, 校友或朋友). To nominate a c和idate please complete 这种形式.

弗吉尼亚529基金. Families can use up to $10,000 each year from Virgini 529 savings toward private, K-12学费. For information about using 529 savings for Blue Ridge School tuition or the tax savings associated with doing so, 联系 维吉尼亚州529.

Groves Family Legacy 学费 Program. In recent years, Blue Ridge has become a family tradition for many. 儿子, 孙子, 和 nephews of our alumni are coming in larger numbers, 就像兄弟一样, 前妻所, 和 cousins of current students. Our faculty 和 Trustees see this as a tremendous compliment, as well as a strong statement about the value of a Blue Ridge education. To celebrate 和 further encourage this progression, the Groves Family made a generous donation to BRS to create the Legacy 学费 Program. New applicants to Blue Ridge who have a family link to an alumnus or current student will receive an alumni tuition scholarship of 10%, applicable to the total amount of their tuition 和 fees. For those families who might seek merit or need-based financial assistance, this scholarship will be offered in addition to that assistance. The traditional application process will still apply for Legacy 学费 Program c和idates. The Legacy 学费 Program will follow a student as long as he is enrolled at BRS.

受托人奖. Non-need-based grants are available through the generosity of our 校董会.

教育贷款. Convenient financing for your child’s education is available through these companies: 你的学费解决方案学生贷款营销协会(Sallie Mae).

The financial aid 和 grant processes are separate from the admissions process. Decisions will only be made after a student has applied to 和 been accepted to the Blue Ridge School 和一个ll necessary paperwork has been received.

For more information on 金融援助 联系 Jamie Miller at jmiller@psincremodeling.com 或致电434-992-0528.

50% of students receive tuition assistance

$2.5 million in assistance given each year