Dhruv Mehrotra (Guard and Philosopher)

student playing basketball

“When I arrived at Blue Ridge, the team was really welcoming and their motivation inspired me. They took me in, taught me plays, and the leaders actually care about the betterment of the entire team.
Even so, the first few months were hard. I kept reminding myself that this was my decision and I was here to learn and improve. It really helped when the entire school celebrated a Hindu festival of lights soon after I arrived. That surprised me because I was the only Indian here. People respect that I’m serious about my mindfulness practice and meditation. My family and friends back home noticed a change in me when I went back for spring break. Before Blue Ridge, I was very dependent on my parents. Now they say that I’m much more independent and physically stronger, too.”

Update: Dhruv graduated in 2019 and is now attending Haverford College in Pennsylvania.